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Soft Skills for a Flat World Online Training Project

Course Soft Skills are the missing link for many young Indians as they prepare for this new flat world. The project prepares you for the flat world and also takes you instantly to India - even if just through my book which provides a window into how India thinks and operates. By combining the west and India, you can be ready for the flat world.

Your support will help us provide this training free via a charitable foundation for slum children and rural poor, giving them the opportunity of employability and entrepreneurship for improved lives.

You will help us buil sustainable online learning program for today’s flat world and ensure two outcomes - greater western understanding of India and a training program for young Indians to be trained. And through this India project, you might find openings there you never dreamed of. You can join us over there – you can guarantee your spot on our India and the Flat World launch mission including joining us for a master class - as we refine this model, reveal the mind of Indian business and open business opportunities for – the flat world. Every single one of you who support us will receive a copy of this book before it is released.

Our rewards are practical – ALWAYS a copy of the book before it is publicly released – access to our online training programs for you and your team, and finally, participation in this India adventure as you join us over there for launch and for a masterclass in leadership and soft skills – in the heart of this flat world –in India.

If all this project does is open your mind to a flat world – and how to align what you say with what you think – already the benefits will be exciting for you – and that excites us. Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world” and this inspires us to deliver this new model of leadership and communication – it is the change we want to see in the world – better communication, tolerance and understanding, values like generosity and patience. This project empowers people to make the most of opportunity – by aligning their soft skills, their attitude and their cross cultural understanding. FOR GUEST/EXPERT LECTURES --- INFO DESK
Negotiation Skills
Team Building
Stress Management
Communication skills
Listening skills
Interpersonal skills
Time Management
Team Communication
Building positive attitude
Speaking skills
Corporate etiquettes
emotional intelligence