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ACCREDITATION means Recognition and guarantee of minimum quality. For NBA, it means the process of quality assurance in technical education field.

It is designed to help educational institutions in establishing quality management system that enables them to produce excellent students and render

services that meet standard requirement and enhance their satisfaction.

It is a first step towards getting internationally recognized standard for educational institutions.

How was the NBA constituted?

  1. For overseeing the growth and quality of technical education in the country, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), was established by an Act of the Parliament in 1987.


  1. In order to assess the qualitative competence of educational institutions the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) was set up by AICTE in 1994.


Why should institutions go for Accreditation by NBA?

If your institution and your programmes are accredited by NBA you will be able to identify your programmes with:

Excellence in technical education. 

Bench marks of global requirements .

A national platform to attract better student intake. 

Appraise yourself of your own facilities.

Vendor of human capital to world-class employers.

& moreover it is a mandatory requirement from session 13-14 in the absence of which affiliation will be termed null and void.

What is the difference between AICTE approval and NBA Accreditation ?
Approval of AICTE

  1. Assurance of Compliance to AICTE Norms and Standards. 
  2. Ensure prior approval by the State Government and University.
  3. Avoid imbalance in supply of qualified manpower.

Programmes by NBA

  1. Assessment by peer groups of NBA experts, for qualitative criteria, through a visit to the institution and making relevant recommendations to the NBA.


What is NBA's Quality     
    Grading Format?
NBA has a two-part grading system:
     Accredited &
     Not accredited.

  1. More than 650 marks     - ACCREDITED
  2. Less than 650 marks- Not ACCREDITED.
  3. Between 650 -750 - ACCREDITED FOR A PERIOD OF 3 YEARS.
  4. More than 750    - ACCREDITED FOR A PERIOD OF 5 YEARS.